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Subject: [Leica] Why the mad rush to use Canon or Nikon bodies?
From: dstella1 at (Dante Stella)
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 19:28:12 -0500
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This is my statement on the matter.


On Nov 2, 2009, at 9:14 PM, Dave Olson wrote:

> Is it because they are digital? To show you how slow I am, I thought  
> the R8.2 or the R 9 were digital. Or are they? Please accept my  
> "stupidity". Frankly I'm confused. I have two beautiful R6.2s and an  
> R7. My 'M' setup is nicely complete. My Canon AF is very complete  
> too include a number of EOS 3s, EOS 1RSs and going back to the  
> beginning, an RT. Of course all are film. I have two pocket size  
> Yashica T4, Carl Zeiss Tessar f3.5/35. One has a waist level view  
> finder. My digital consists of a Canon 40D and my little Leica C  
> luxe.  If I had a mad desire to shot digital I'm all set. My  
> feelings are film. In the trade journals you read where so and so  
> professional photographer has gone back to film for the properties  
> it conveys. For photojournalism, digital makes sense with tight  
> deadlines. I don't think H.C.B. ever had to worry about a deadline.  
> For Capa and Douglas bouncing around Spain,  then the German entry  
> into Paris. D-Day on Normanday beach. If you see real movie clips from
>  the liberation of Paris. David Douglas can be seen in the lead jeep  
> shooting with a Leica. Around 1953 in a rice patty no one remembers,  
> in Indochine, Capa stepped on a mine. Brillance lost in a flash. I'm  
> not sure if what I'm talking about has anything to do with digital,  
> or even film. I know my personal feelings are film, and will be as  
> as long as I can hold a camera or fasten it to a mono or tripod.
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