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Subject: [Leica] News of the World
From: leica at (bruce golding)
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 11:41:43 +0200
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The new one looks interesting too. Thanks.


On 13-mei-2009, at 22:33, Philippe AMARD wrote:

> Happy to oblige Bruce
> Have you noted that it is only composed of tanslations of articles  
> published world wide - of course they must be a bias in the  
> selcetion process, who would question that.
> This one too - yet to be launched apparently - should be worth a  
> look when alive.
> Multilingual, it might prove quite successful if it takes off.
> BTW congrats on your French; Excellent ++ :-)
> Bien cordialement
> Philippe
> bruce golding wrote:
>> Merci, Philippe.
>> Je vais l'ajouter a ma ma liste de sources d'informations.
>> Normalement, je regarde les nouvelles a la tele. des pays latins  
>> et  ceux du nord (teutonics). C'est deux facons differentes de  
>> voir les  choses; + bien sur uncle sam!
>> Salutations,
>> B.
>> On 13-mei-2009, at 20:41, Philippe AMARD wrote:
>>> I don't know if this is published elsewhere in other languages,  
>>> but  the French edition of Courrier International is to my eyes a  
>>> very  good insight into today's world and might be of some  
>>> interest to  some of you.
>>> Phx
>>> bruce golding wrote:
>>>> when i first visited the states, i encountered a "book" of a    
>>>> newspapers. it was a week-end, i believe.
>>>> pages and pages of opinion, thought, report, some photos., far   
>>>> far  too much sport; drivel for everyone's taste.
>>>> saddened, because i spent hours trying to find the us and world   
>>>> news,  without true success, i renounced the challenge.
>>>> years later, when living in paris, i quickly discovered the   
>>>> "trib.";  between 4 and 6 pages of world news and then the us   
>>>> sports; but quick  and easy to read.
>>>> now that was, for me, a news-paper. for opinion i went to le monde.
>>>> the week-end 'papers and magazines in the uk were split into    
>>>> sections, so that one could and still can, read only the parts  
>>>> of   interest.
>>>> the magazines had the most wonderful picture stories on events   
>>>> from  the world, plus often indulgences to narrating, for  
>>>> example,  the life  of a horologist ........
>>>> in the uk this market still exists, at the week-end, i think,    
>>>> but ............
>>>> for the rest of western europe, national and local 'papers are    
>>>> dying ....... rapidly.
>>>> commuters rely on the give-away editions; even in small towns  
>>>> for   local news, delivered weekly to the door.
>>>> journalists with a personality which establishes a rapport with   
>>>> the  reader, will continue to be read somewhere, i hope.
>>>> but, for the rest, it's over.
>>>> we are bombarded with information. to do/achieve what? each  
>>>> tries  to  out-do the other, why? competition of the species.
>>>> to gain more, live grander; to what end? we sleep in one bed at  
>>>> a   time, require to eat satisfactorily and healthily, delight  
>>>> in  family  and friends, enjoy ..........
>>>> our LEICAS. give and maybe receive ..........
>>>> time to conclude, byee
>>>> b.
>>>> On 11-mei-2009, at 18:29, Phil Swango wrote:
>>>>> Leo Wesson wrote:interesting radio article on the kindle and    
>>>>> newspapers and
>>>>> the struggle for
>>>>> newspapers  to survive in the internet world.  the newspapers   
>>>>> here are
>>>>> tanking, most of my friends that work for newspapers no longer   
>>>>> have  jobs.
>>>>> I was wondering how the rest of the world deals with this?  are  
>>>>> your
>>>>> newspapers going out of business?
>>>>> ===================================
>>>>> Here in NM the Albuquerque Journal is still published and sold   
>>>>> on  the street
>>>>> as well as by subscription. I get it at home, and it doesn't   
>>>>> seem  to have
>>>>> changed much in the 15 years I've lived here, except that  
>>>>> I've   noticed a
>>>>> trend for local news to get more coverage on the front page.    
>>>>> Maybe  that's a
>>>>> tactic that can work for others -- concentrate on local news   
>>>>> that  wouldn't
>>>>> appear on national online sources.  Most days I also read the NYT,
>>>>> Washington Post and USA Today, all online.  Some days I also   
>>>>> check  the WSJ
>>>>> and CSM and a few others.  I download the NYT and USA Today to   
>>>>> the  iPod
>>>>> Touch.  USA Today has a particularly readable app for the  
>>>>> iPhone/  Touch.
>>>>> Readability can be an issue on some devices but I have no   
>>>>> problem  with it at
>>>>> all on the Touch.  Maybe one reason is that I'm hyperopic and    
>>>>> presbyopic so
>>>>> my prescription involves a good bit of magnification.
>>>>> I've just started getting the New Yorker online in addition to   
>>>>> my  paper
>>>>> version.  Not sure yet how that's going to work out but it's  
>>>>> free to
>>>>> subscribers so I'm trying it out.
>>>>> -- 
>>>>> Phil Swango
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