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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Children in Ventimiglia
From: hopsternew at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 11:06:49 +1000
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Henning its a delightful shot. A precious moment in time in the best
On your scanner, I understand that Nikon has just stopped production
permanantly. Anyone wanting one or spares, accessories will only get them
from existing stock. once its gone....

2009/5/13 Henning Wulff <henningw at>

> Thank you everyone for looking and for your kind words. As with most shots
> that are not posed, luck played as much a part as anything. I was ready,
> yes, and with focus and exposure set but I got half a whole film of kids
> flitting back and forth through openings that aren't useable. I could 
> easily
> have shot 10 rolls and not gotten this.
> I'm scanning the negs at this time; I do have a print of this particular
> one up on the wall that I printed in the fall of 1967. It's holding up
> reasonably well considering it's been in a bright spot now for at least 25
> years, but I could and should make a better print now.
> These are scanned on a Nikon 5000 which as is well known has issues with
> some film/developer combinations. My negs are mostly Tr-X (this shot),
> HP4,5, 5+ and then a lot of FP4. The worst for scanning seems to be Tri-X 
> in
> D76 1:1. Fortunately I often used FG7, Neofin or some form of Microdol 
> which
> didn't mush things up too much. Those seem to be better. I could probably
> make at least as good an inkjet print of this scan as I can a darkroom
> print. This is of course subjective, but the grain aliasing is not a 
> problem
> I recently got the SF-210 bulk loader for the scanner, and it seems to do
> well as far as feeding (not jamming) the slides. I used to have a 2000 with
> the bulk loader and I swore at it more than just about any computer
> peripheral ever. The main problem I have is that my preferred scanning
> software, Vuescan, sometimes won't focus the slides properly.
> B&W is almost all in 6 frame strips, so I use the strip loader that comes
> with the scanner.
> For years I've been intending to get down to this, so now it's started.
> Might last as long as I'm still able to operate a computer or see the negs
> :-). I can't even guess how many I have at this time.
>  At 01:44 PM 5/12/2009, you wrote:
>>> A new scan from a shot of children playing around a wrecked building in
>>> Ventimiglia, Italy near the French border in May, 1967. Taken with Leica
>>> IIIg and 50mm Summicron:
>> I'm loving your new scans of old photos.  How are you scanning these?  You
>> remind me that I have to get back to scanning my old ones, too.  This one 
>> is
>> wonderful.
>> Tina
>> Tina Manley
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