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Subject: [Leica] OT: Email software
From: glehrer at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2009 17:59:33 -0800
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Do not have a closed mind!  I would suggest using Mozilla Thunderbird 
and Firefox.  They have been fault free for me.

I too, at work have to use Outlook, but it is well managed by our IT 
department. If you have a fly-by-night IT group
it can really screw up your E-mail.

I tried Eudora on my last computer.  It was an inadequate joke!

Our IT dept. has firmly rejected Vista.  We use XP of course.

I admit to being a computer idiot, so spare me any techno-babble.  It is 
wasted on me and way over my head.


Peter Klein wrote:
> LUGgers:  I need a bit of advice re. email software that can display 
> threaded messages.
> I use Windows XP.  I've been using Eudora 5.1 for years.  I've been 
> perfectly satisfied with it except that it doesn't do threading.  So 
> I've been getting the LUG digest rather than individual messages.  
> Lately I've been feeling like I should overcome the inertia for change 
> and switch email clients to something that does threading.
> Any advice would be appreciated.  I'd like whatever I switch to to be 
> relatively easy to use and set up.  It doesn't necessarily have to be 
> free, but reasonable cost would also be nice.
> I am *not* considering Outlook or Outlook Express.  I have to use 
> Outlook at work.  For personal use I much prefer a less bloated 
> program that stores things in compact text-based format.
> --Peter
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