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Subject: [Leica] OT Nikon D700
From: glehrer at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2009 12:23:36 -0800
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When the first Nikin F appeared, it was totally reliable from the 
get-go.  I bought a Nikon F2A when
they first appeared and it has NEVER let me down,  I have 7 lenses for 
it, all perfectly reliable!

In fast the Nikons remind me of Lexus automobiles. Totally reliable, and 
stylish too!  Two Lexii, both
black like my Nikons.  A GS for my wife and an SC for me.

Jerry Lehrer

Mark Rabiner wrote:
> The M8 is the first out camera for Leica of this hugely new technology.
> When such thing like that happens I give a company some leeway.
> And in this case I don't necessarily invest in the product.
> What was the reliability of the first out Nikon F does anybody know I 
> don't.
> Id assume there were a few teething pains.
> It was supposed to have knocked the entire photo industry on its ass making
> rangefinder cameras "obsolete" yet the Magnum people and many other of the
> best people had a Leica M in their camera bag. In the same camera bag as a
> Leica M. 
> Leica and Nikon goes to gather like peanut butter and jelly.
> Brussel sprouts and butter.
> Most recreantly in my mind I think of how like Leica Nikon started out as a
> lens company. Ok Leica was a microscope company but close enough.
> And both came out of WW1. Neither were really camera companies.
> The Nikon Corporation was established in 1917.
> Oskar Barnack made the first Leica prototype for E. Leitz Optische Werke,
> Wetzlar, in 1913 and started production in 1925
> WW1 was 1914 to 1919
> Read the Nikon system book by by Peter Brackzo or Rotoloni and they've got 
> a
> Viso thing in there and the rangefinder glass ported over to SLR versions
> and all the Macro gizmos just like the Leica collection books showing the
> amazingly extensive system.
> Now When you get a Nikon you can pretty much assume its going to work.
> I think even more so than a new Canon. With the internet this stuff is
> easier to track.
> When the Leica M9 comes out its going to have a whole lot less bugs than 
> the
> M8.
> They've been there; done that.
> Mark William Rabiner
>> From: Leonard Taupier <len-001 at>
>> Reply-To: Leica Users Group <lug at>
>> Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2009 09:35:57 -0500
>> To: Leica Users Group <lug at>
>> Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: OT Nikon D700
>> Fellow Leica users.
>> Let me start by saying I love my Leica equipment. I probably have
>> more Leica equipment then most on this list. Leica's strength comes
>> from their top quality optics and their mechanical expertise. When it
>> comes to electronics and reliability of these products they are
>> second rate at best. But we overlook these faults because of their
>> strengths. Brand loyalty is a wonderful thing but blind loyalty is a
>> fault. I have been using Nikon equipment since the early 70's. When
>> Nikon introduced their auto indexing (AI) system in the late 70's I
>> sent all my lenses to Nikon to be modified to the new system. I still
>> have and use these lenses on their latest digital bodies. In the last
>> 9 years I purchased 8 Nikon digital bodies as technology improved. I
>> still have 6 of those bodies, two have been either modified or
>> relegated to special uses. The 2 bodies I traded in was because they
>> were not really compatible to my manual focus lenses. Since the early
>> 70's not one of my bodies or lenses has needed repair. That's what I
>> call reliability. On the other hand my M8 required a shutter repair
>> which required a two month stay at Leica and 3 new lenses required
>> adjustment because of focus issues, in the first year. But look back
>> at the first sentence in this post. I love my Leica equipment. But
>> it's not because of reliability.
>> Len
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>>> G

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