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Subject: IMG: Re: [Leica] IMG: Just One Beer
From: glehrer at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Sun Feb 8 13:12:01 2009
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Is this Gollem Bar made from clay?

12 Euros per bottle is not modest!


Nathan wrote:
> You have not truly lived until you have tasted Westvleteren. You do 
> not have to drive to the little Flemish village near the coast; you 
> can go to Amsterdam and find it in the Gollem bar for the modest price 
> of 12 ? a bottle. But it is worth it.
> Nathan
> On 08/02/2009, at 19:40, Jeff Moore wrote:
>> 2009-02-08-05:42:35 Geoff Hopkinson:
>>> Don't make me link to the Westveleteren again.
>> You are not to torture me with a beer I'm unlikely to get to taste.
>>> By the way I've tried the delectable Orval as well but I'm not 
>>> familiar at
>>> all with Saison Dupont.
>>> Feel free to enlighten me.
>> Yum.  A farmhouse-style.  Less apparently sweet, more bready I guess,
>> than the other Belgians we've been discussing.  An excellent beer to
>> serve when both good-beer lovers and those who're convinced they don't
>> like "those fancy beers" are at the table -- because the overall flavor
>> profile is close enough to the mainstream supermarket lagers that people
>> who habitually drink those won't get too freaked out, but those whose
>> palates want more will find subtleties to explore.
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