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Subject: [Leica] Longer Telephoto R lenses on the Panasonic G1
From: cummer at (H&ECummer)
Date: Mon Jan 19 01:24:45 2009
References: <>

Hello Luggers,
While waiting for my Leitax R > N bayonets to arrive, I have been  
experimenting with
longer R lenses on the G1 using the Novoflex R > M and Rayqual M >  
Micro 4/3rds to
see what can be accomplished. I used my old 90 Summmicron R and my  
beloved 180 Telyt APO f3.4
and went out to the nearby beach to follow the activities of the local  
kite surfing club.

The pictures are at:

The 90 Cron is quite easy to focus, especially using the 10X  
magnification through the EVF.
There is magnified shaking of course but you can still bring the  
enlarged image into sharp focus relatively
quickly and easily. When you close down the lens to gain some depth of  
field both the EVF and Monitor on
the back of the G1 brighten up to compensate so you still see the  
image clearly.

The 180 Telyt APO is harder to handle because the shaking is magnified  
that much more and sometimes
you just lose sight of the portion of the image that you are trying to  
focus on. Then you have to revert to the full
picture and take another run at it. This makes it harder to get sharp  
shots when you have fast action like a kit surfer sailing
quickly along.

Still, from the pictures in the folder you can see that it can be  
done. When my new bayonets arrive these lenses will
be dedicated to the Nikon D700 and putting them on the G1 will not be  
possible without another adapter so I am
just having fun now while I can.

Please enjoy - all comments welcome as always.

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