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Subject: [Leica] Regarding those snaps of a few days ago
From: rpalmier at (bob palmieri)
Date: Wed Jan 7 14:41:51 2009

Folks -

Thanks for all the on & off-list comments on the handful of images I  
threw up recently.(???!!) Because of the nature of these comments  
(pretty positive),  I'm gonna take a leap and say what I think about  

They're fine.  They're OK. I think I have a pretty good handle on how  
to make stuff work within a rectangle (like so many others on the  
LUG.).  You know; simplify forms, help make the viewing easy on the  
eye movements, a little visual rhyming, throw in some geometry and  
sometimes a bit of chiaroscuro dramatics and you get something that  
looks like a pretty good snap.

Truth is, it's all seeming kindof cheap & facile to me these days.   
Sometimes I think that I just do this stuff to sharpen my hunting  
skills,  in case I actually need to shoot something of real value.

Could be one of those midlife things, but having some control of the  
elements of visual vocabulary was supposed to be an intermediate  
step, and I'm feeling like the next step is gonna involve a lot of  
personal work to figure out if I have anything I really want to say  
with shooting.

Maybe it's just another version of the "sharp picture of a fuzzy  
concept" thing.  More like "well arranged graphically functional  
pictures of fuzzy concepts."

Does this make sense??

Bob Palmieri

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