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Subject: [Leica] S2 Lenses MTF & Resolutions
From: imagist3 at (Lottermoser George)
Date: Sat Dec 20 22:06:27 2008
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Most makeup artists
collect a higher day rate
than shooters
whether still or video

Fond regards,

On Dec 20, 2008, at 11:34 PM, Nathan Wajsman wrote:

> Frank, one of my friends is a commercial/fashion photographer. You  
> have no idea how much money is spent on the photographs in a full- 
> page ad or double-page spread that is to appear in a magazine like  
> Cosmopolitan or Vanity Fair (I am not talking about my friend's  
> fees, but about the total cost of the shoot). The cost of an S2 is  
> petty cash in comparison.
> Nathan
> Nathan Wajsman
> Alicante, Spain
> Books:
> Blog:
> On Dec 21, 2008, at 4:57 AM, Frank Filippone wrote:
>> My $0.02
>> Why would a Industrial customer ( including a magazine) want  
>> superb image
>> quality when the images to be printed, in a magazine or  
>> newspaper,  are
>> 8x11?  Or even 17x11 ( double page spread) ?    Good enough is good
>> enough.... and spending more on something no one can see nor the  
>> printer can
>> print is downright wasteful.  Corporations are not into waste.   
>> Portrait
>> Pros?  How many portraits ( % of the total portrait market, including
>> wedding ) go bigger than 8x10/11x14 and demand quality above  the  
>> big time
>> Canon or Nikon cameras?  Not much.
>> ( I will not mention the fact that for really great, really HIGH end
>> photography, there still is Film in sizes to 11x14...... ).
>> I think that the market for the S2 is only one.... well heeled  
>> amateurs.
>> And Leica is  going after them..........
>> All the hoopla about extra superb image quality is probably true,  
>> and the
>> Pro attitude is to convince amateurs that they can achieve that  
>> "quality of
>> a Pro" by using the S2.  All of which may be true.  But to be  
>> really true,
>> the Pros would NEED to use the S2 in their jobs.
>> I doubt it....
>> We have a bunch of pros on this list.... how many of you NEED to  
>> use the top
>> rated Hasselblad or Sinar, or whatever cameras to produce images your
>> customer base requires?  Canon and Leica DMR or M8 and Nikon need not
>> respond...... you are the "normal" quality......
>> The difference is perception vs need.
>> Pros... how about a reasonable assessment of your customer  
>> base......??????
>> Need or perception?  What percentage demand quality above all  
>> else?  Cost be
>> of secondary far......
>> Frank Filippone
>> Steve , in my opinion, the purpose of the S2 is to offer a superb  
>> medium
>> format LEICA system at the top of the quality tree for pros.
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