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Subject: [Leica] Quality (was un-believable)
From: drodgers at (David Rodgers)
Date: Sat Dec 20 15:26:16 2008

Seems to me a lot of Canon users have switched to the M8 and really seem
to like it. I don't hear as much about Nikon users switching. Or am I
missing something?

I know a lot of Canon users who still haven't gotten over the fact that
they went away from the FD mount. And being able to use 30 year old
Nikkors on a new full frame DSLR is kind of a nice feature. I think it
buys a lot of goodwill and customer loyalty. 

Nikon took a lot of heat for not coming out with a full frame body
sooner. When they did it appears they did it well. Maybe Leica is doing
the right thing too. Instead of making the M8 full frame, they went with
the best technology available at the time. 

Maybe the day will come when a full frame M is introduced. It will have
the image quality of the M8, with better ISO and it won't require IR
filters. What will we compalain about then? Guaranteed it will be
something, because the complaints about Leica have been around since we
were reading the LUG on green screens. That's what happens when deep
passions and high expectations collide!


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