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Subject: [Leica] Bad news at Leica - FF or crop survey
From: lists at (Harrison McClary)
Date: Sun Dec 7 07:47:48 2008
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I started digital with the Canon D30, a 1.6x factor camera, then the D60 
same crop, then the 1D a 1.3x factor.  I finally moved to the 5D, a no 
crop factor camera.  I liked the 1D fine until I got the 5D.  I 
immediately began o shoot most things with the 5D even though the camera 
interface and handling drove me bat shit simply because my lenses were 
"correct" again.  My 16-35 was a 16-35, not a 21 to whatever.    I have 
been shoooting long enough that when I want a certain effect I grab a 
lens to get it...with a crop camera I can not always get that effect.

Earlier this year I sold my 5D, 1DII and bought a 1DsIII...that was the 
best move I have made in cameras in the digital age...that 1DsIII is 
simply the best camera I have ever used.  The files are stunning, the 
cameras handling is awesome, the shutter lag is negligible.

Now having said all that I am not so sure the crop factor on the M will 
bother me...simply because I have always shot differently with the M 
than I do with the SLRs.  On SLR I never liked the 50, or 28 focal 
lengths.  On the M they are my favorites.  The 1.3x crop I feel is a 
pretty good compromise between the sensors sizes.  1,5 or 6 is too 
small, and the full 35mm size can lead to problems with certain lenses.

For me and the M the most important thing is LOW NOISE to have a camera 
in this day and age with poor high ISO is unforgivable, esp in a system 
that has always been the be all and end all to available light photography.

Mark Rabiner wrote:
> I think must of us on this list are FFers.
> I'd love a survey.
> or if many of us "weighed in".

Harrison McClary
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