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Subject: [Leica] Gun Photos
From: jls at (Jeffery Smith)
Date: Sun Nov 30 02:50:29 2008
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I read something similar, but more self-evident. A gun owner is much 
more likely to be shot with his own gun than is a non-gun-owner. That's 
sort of like the caveat against smoking (if you smoke cigarettes, you 
will die of a smoking-related illness unless something else kills you 
first). In New Orleans, you are allowed to shoot someone who has broken 
into your house (sort of a "license to kill"). People usually don't as 
it results in the burglar or his family suing you for everything you're 
worth. But the law does discourage burglaries in those houses with 
warnings posted (protected by Smith and Wesson, etc.). If a house seems 
to be high risk, the perp goes elsewhere (provided he can read, the but 
sticker does have a big gun on it).

Frank Dernie wrote:
> I read a study a while ago which showed that armed homeowners were 
> several times more likely to be shot during a burglary than unarmed 
> ones. It is obvious really, when you think about it.
> A large dog is almost a guarantee that you will not be burgled, however.

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