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Subject: [Leica] Gun Photos
From: jls at (Jeffery Smith)
Date: Sat Nov 29 18:41:43 2008
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Politically, I'm pretty much middle of the road. As a result, Democrats 
think I'm a Republican, and Republicans think I'm a Democrat. That's the 
worst of both worlds, I guess. :-[

I agree on the Sig Sauer. My .357 Sig has never jammed once.

Philip Forrest wrote:
> "Although some might find the subject matter offensive..."
> These are a few good photos of guns. Now if we're talking about being
> offensive, how about some of the objectification and exploitation which
> goes on in this forum, huh? Be wary where the finger is pointed
> without first examining oneself. 
> Many of us drive cars and those kill far more people than guns ever
> have. Most of us like good booze and booze kills far more people per
> any chosen time period than guns. Some of us like good cigars, some of
> us smoke. Both of those things kill more people than guns. We just
> regulate who can drive and smoke and drink yet we still have
> irresponsibility and addiction killing tens of thousands of people
> per-year. Just like fine cameras, and fine cars there is a sense of
> great mechanical precision to a fine firearm. That Sig-Sauer is one of
> them. Fantastic piece.
> As long as man exists, there will be some need for defense because
> someone else is taking an offensive position. It's human nature and to
> deny that is simply irresponsible. Living in a utopian dream is just
> that, a dream. It will never happen. That's what heaven is for. Until
> then, some people will choose to defend themselves instead of relying
> on legislature because when you need help, it might as well be the
> legislature passing a bill to assist you because if you aren't self
> reliant, no matter what laws get passed they won't help you to
> survive. 
> Phil Forrest
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