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Subject: [Leica] Are Leica lenses muliticoated?
From: jbm at (Jeff Moore)
Date: Sun Nov 23 12:24:45 2008
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2008-11-22-22:09:48 Tina Manley:
> I don't understand at all this fascination with the technology behind 
> the cameras and lenses but I do know that it's very important to some 
> left-brained people ;-)

There's something kind of right about having a pretty deep understanding
of your tools. I've made my living for the last few decades as a
computer-programmin' man, and while I'd be hard-pressed to make
a completely rational case for its making a difference, I feel I
somehow have a better intuitive feel for the implications of a line of
high-level code I write because the combination of my never-used-for-pay
electrical engineering degree, with my formal computer science training,
means that (even though I've forgotten nearly every detail along
the way) I theoretically know the principles, and have at times
sweated some of the details, of how to go from dirty sand, through
semiconductors and logic diagrams, through bare hardware state-machine
implementations, through an abstraction provided by a layer of microcode
these newfangled days, through machine code and assembler, through
compiler and operating-system design... eventually to why that stupid
web shopping-cart implementation isn't performing well.

"A computer is just bent sand."  Who said that?

Of course...  one of the best photographers I know has always had some
trouble understanding the precise implications of twisting this knob or
that, but she memorized some standard ways of setting things up which
usually happened to work...  and because she has just a phenomenal eye,
out come great pictures most of the time.


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