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Subject: [Leica] The Leica M8, from a DSLR User's Perspective... from B&H
From: chs2018 at (Chris Saganich)
Date: Tue Aug 5 13:22:43 2008
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At 02:12 PM 8/5/2008, you wrote:
>For years I've been on the LUG and have heard the
>" weight and bulk of a SLR" and now " weight and bulk of a DSLR" from rich
>guys who want a new way of expressing how rich they are with their new
>hobby. Its getting to be a tired old song.
>Put an Olympus OM1 or Pentax ME or for that matter a Nikon FM or Canon AE-1
>next to a Leica M and how much weight and bulk are you saving?
>The cameras are the same size. The Leica is heavier.
>Leica lenses can be much smaller but weigh twice as much.
>Does walking down the street with an M6 and a 50 Summicron make for a more
>elegant and unobtrusive weight and bulk configuration than doing the same
>with a Nikon FM2 with a 50 1.8?
>No it does not. Its about the same. And depending on the exact gear you are
>using could be the opposite.
>Rangefinder use to be quick and unobtrusive needs not normal but wide angle
>glass so this is a bad example just gave.
>It requires a learning curve.
>Pre focusing and zone focusing. Pre adjusting your exposure even - if you
>don't have an M8 or M7.
>I find the before an after shots fascinating that Mr. Fisher gives us
>With a 87C IR filter you get an rich dark IR black and white shot
>Without a 87C IR filter it looks like a normal color shot.
>He seems to want us to think that there is some HDR thing going on with M8
>use which is different from any other digital camera.
>It just sounds like he's new to digital and new to HDR. Certainly brand new
>to Leica.
>The last paragraph cinches it.
>He's enjoyed his "time" with the M8 (he didn't buy it? Brought it back?
>Borrowed it?).
>He just got it.
>... and is not going to give up DSLR use became of all the lenses.
>" sometimes those telephoto, zoom, and macro lenses do come in handy;"
>So we've read a thing by a guy who is  brand new to Leica and very squarely
>out of the loupe on the Leica system. What it consists of and what it can be
>used for. Has spent quite a lot of money but not given it an exceeding
>amount of thought. Not that that cant be found on the LUG.
>So its Leica for weekends and jaunts around town;
>And DSLR's for longer trips.
>Too much money can make for some very creative thinking.
>People need to take their Yuban Coffee can 2.8 zooms and battery packs off
>their DSLR's and SLR's before they decide what the footprint is.
>Go out a and buy a 50mm or 35mm lens and put that on instead.
>That compact elegant glass is not just for Leica M's any more.
>Mark William Rabiner
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