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Subject: [Leica] Retrieving a leader
From: hoppyman at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Sun Aug 3 15:52:46 2008
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Jerry, translated to pedantic Engineer speak, that would be the keyed centre
shaft of the rotating film spool that engages the film advance mechanism.
Sheesh ;-)
Alternatively, Yama might have tried the classic approach beloved by
visiting alien ambassadors "Take me to your leader"


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Subject: Re: [Leica] Retrieving a leader


All very well and good, until I got to where you "twisted the little 
screw on the top of the--- cassette"  WHAT SCREW?  I don't
see any screw on any of my cassettes.  A puzzlement ! :-(


Yama Nawabi wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> A while back I was experimenting with rewinding a roll...but not 
> completely (I wanted to keep the leader outside of the cassette). I 
> failed, and accidently rewound the film the entire way. I think it's 
> been a good month and that roll of Tri-x @ 2000 w/ 22 frames had been 
> sitting on my desk until I had recently stumbled upon a genius way to 
> retrieve the leader without any 15$ metal tool.
> What i had done was take a piece of film that had been left over from 
> when I developed another roll, licked it, sticked it inside the 
> cassette as far as it could go and then I twisted the little screw on 
> the top of the fully rewound cassette until it wouldnt go any further. 
> I pulled out the piece of film that I had licked, and guess what had 
> come out with it! The leader!
> I was so excited.. this opens up the possibility of rewinding my films 
> and then putting in different speed films in the middle of a roll.
> I swear, learning film was one of the best things that I have done for 
> myself. I had read for countless hours for months now, and the feeling 
> of self-fulfilment makes me feel so happy with myself.
> Anyway, I have 3 rolls coming up within the next week or so, I'll keep 
> you guys posted!
> :)

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