Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2008/05/23

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Subject: [Leica] Friday Sale
From: mstoesz at (Mike Stoesz)
Date: Fri May 23 13:49:15 2008

Howdy from Wyoming- sunny this morning, cloudy and storm coming now, 
survived the tornados yesterday.

I must sell some items to finance our new eco/green retail store. It is now 
My spouse's new business (an eco/green retail store) requires an infusion of 
capital and so does the very erratic photo business.  Therefore I am forced 
to sell some of my Canon RF camera collection.  All are useable and in fine 
working condition.  The lenses are LTM and if you have adapters, can be used 
on Leicas including M-8. 

Canon III body, shutter speeds 1-1/1000 on two dials, single window RF/VF 
with magnification adjustment for 50mm, 100mm and fine focus, smooth crisp 
shutter action and lightning fast knob wind film advance.  Great classic 
pocket camera if you add a collapsable 50mm lens or compact 35mm lens.       

Canon V-t body, this was a BIG move forward in camera design for Canon, 
shutter speeds 1-1/1000 on two dial, larger and brighter viewfinder.  $250.00

Canon VI-L body, this is probably Canon's finest RF from the point of 
quality finish and features.
It feels and handles better than the later 7 series and the fit and finish 
is substantially better and feels more robust.  $500.00

Canon P Body $300.00

Canon lenses: 
50mm f/1.4, $300.00
100mm f/4,  $125.00
100mm f/3.5, $145.00
135mm f/3.5 (2) $135.00

Rollei RF-35 w/40mm f/2.8 Sonnar  $500.00

Contax TVS-III, black, with box and IB.  $400.00

4x5 Crown Graphic w/127mm f/4.7 Ektar   $175.00

Lots of 4x5 film holders for $5.00 each
Some 5x7 film holder for  $10.00 each
Adapt-a-roll, 620/120 roll film holder for 4x5 spring back cameras   $75.00
Polaroid 500 4x5 film back                                 $25.00
Polaroid back adapter for Mamiya RB67         $50.00

RARE-UNCOMMON-SCARCE? Agfa-Ansco A8 Cadet Special Box Camera jn109, art 
deco, with original cardboard box. $50.00

Pax lens shade and filter set in leather case. $50.00

Miranda Chest Level Viewfinder type 1, like new in original box and plastic 
bag.  $50.00

Fuji Pictrography 4000-II thermal autochrome printer to 11x17 great prints. 
$900.00 (a $6,000.00 printer)
Martin-Yale 12 inch x 1 inch stack cutter, $100.00
Sony UY-S77 long roll scanner for 35mm, slides, or aps,  $500.00
Lucidium kiosk station, needs computer board or something, cheap, make offer.

Olympus OM1, OM2n and some lenses, please inquire.
Topcon UNI bodies and lenses, please inquire.

Kiev 4/4a (sorry, I do not know the difference) with 50mm f/2 lens.  $150.00 
works better than any contax I have ever handled.

Domke F-802 green    $75.00 NEW
Domke F-803 sand     $75.00 NEW
Bogen/manfrotto tripod in stock at dealer cost + 10% + shipping. (please 
Haliburton, black aluminum case.  $100.00
Pelican soft case to insert into hard case, great for travel and lots of 
cameras.  $75.00

Limited edition Wyoming landscape photos by Mike Stoesz. please inquire

Offers considered, I need a suitcase of $100 dollar bills for the remodeling 
I am doing for my spouse's new retail store. IT IS NOW OPEN.

Thanks, Mike
Laramie Digital Photo Center
Laramie, Wy.