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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Barber Shop and LIGHT - BW
From: philippe.amard at (Philippe AMARD)
Date: Fri May 23 06:57:38 2008
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He, he!

As a preamble and a reminder Tina I would like to say that I never meant 
to offend anyone.

Now to the BW version , it is way better IMHO than the colour one, which 
looks "blocked" or "barred" somewhere, somehow.
I had sensed the guys inside were what you had been after - not 
difficult with the tile ;-) ), and rightly so.
They now are not only part of the picture but its main focus.
In the colour shot, the guy standing in the doorway and the bike are for 
me where the eye is invited to go - so now cool, you have two different 
pictures :-D
REM: I also see that that board is fine =-O .

As to the "washed out" colours, I may not have the right words to 
express this - English is not my mother tongue and that's no excuse - 
but I feel there's something in the colour you saw when there that must 
have been betrayed somewhere. Before answering Ted's invite, I had 
fiddled a bit with your jpeg and tried to get better tones , on my 
monitor, and of course to my taste. I did not manage to get it much 
better, yetI found a little more saturation while both getting the dark 
parts behind the sheds lighter and darkening the leaves in the sunshine 
could have helped. My opinion of course.

Now to light: you did a great job out of a light, or is it lighting?, 
that I would call "unrewarding" and quite flatening. And if we 
photographers (pro and others such as I) are into photography , light is 
what it's all about, is it not?

Hope this helps. At least it helped me as it has forced me to analyze a 
spontaneous reaction and try to find why I had reacted so.
So thank you Tina for this and for your kind and open mind.

Tina Manley wrote:

> At 12:59 AM 5/23/2008, you wrote:
> Philippe I'm not sure where the bad light is? Please explain, thank you.
>> The light, it is milky, comes from nowhere and gives false reflexions 
>> (the board above the window is washed out, the shirt has no colour, 
>> etc) and hardly any worthy shadow that would set people and cabins 
>> out. I'm not tryng to distroy Tina's vision - there was a reason why 
>> she went "click", but to me, there's no depth or volume in there.
>> Yours, most respectfully
>> Phx, forever ton ami. :-D
> Hi, Philippe -
> I love a discussion of light, too, but I just don't see the washed out 
> color, etc.  Maybe time to recalibrate my monitor again! ;-) When I 
> took the photo, I was mainly interested in the people and the tiny 
> shop but I was grateful that there was no bright sun with harsh 
> shadows that you usually get on sunny days in tropical climates.  This 
> scene was mostly in the shade.
> I did try it in black and white:
> And would appreciate any comments and criticisms as usual!
> Tina
> Tina Manley
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