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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Barber Shop
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu May 22 14:00:33 2008

Tina Manley showed:

>>> One more and I'm quitting for the day!  Another tiny shop:



Hi Tina,

I shot somewhat similar barber shops in Malaysia with just a slight over
hang under a building roof as a somewhat add on part of the building.

Certainly different barber locations compared to North America style shops.
:-) However as long as the cut is good who cares where the location is.:-)


Beautiful soft light avoiding black shadows which surely would've spoiled
what little we can see into the shop.

Besides this type of light is enhancing allowing the appreciation of the
subtle colours of the area. Rather than the garish look they would be in

I noticed Philippe offered.

>> Have you tried BWing it? I guess it would suffer less from the bad 

light, just a thought<<<<


Philippe I'm not sure where the bad light is? Please explain, thank you.

I bet the famous French photographer Marc Riboud would see this as I do,
"beautiful soft enhancing light" and not "bad light" as you offer.

Marc has said.. "Give me soft light, fog light, overcast and mist light,
mood light, anything but sunlight!

Why not sunlight? He considers sunlight the enemy of photographers in
creating nothing but black distracting shadows!!! 

I concur, as I'll take a soft gentle almost shadow less overcast light 99.9%
of the time over sunlight. Unless I'm shooting travel assignments depicting
beautiful beaches and swimmers frolicking in the surf. In that case sunlight
is the best assistant you can have. :-)

Nothing wrong with trying it in B&W in any event as it's a kind of
photojournalistic situation so why not. Besides the soft light should work
very well compared to bright light.

So Philippe over to you mon ami! :-)



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