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Subject: [Leica] OT Query - Canon FD lenses/cameras
From: leica at (Didier Ludwig)
Date: Thu May 22 04:44:04 2008
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AFAIK I compensated it with a third of a stop, but honestly I don't remember 
exactly, but tend to believe, it was by lowering the ASA. With the newer 
films' exposure tolerance you might ignore that correction anway and just 
try it. Or, K.I.S.S., to say it in Ted's words.

If you intend to let the camera CLA you can ask for adding an ohm resistance 
to the circuit to reduce the 1.5V output. I did it for a Rollei XF35. 

There are also adapters on the market:
They do not recommend to use batteries with higher than default output (but 
they're probably just spreading F.U.D. to sell more adapters). I don't 
believe your 1974 Canon is that delicate in electronics.

Best regards

>Thanks, Didier,
>By trial and error? Or is there a certain shift in the ASA setting that 
>compensates correctly.
>Didier Ludwig wrote:
>>As for the battery, you can use any suiting alkaline or silver oxide 1.5V 
>>battery and correct it by the ASA setting. I've done that successfully 
>>with several compact rangefinder cameras from the same era.
>>>The TLb is fully functional (and very simple) but needs Mercury or Wein 
>>>cell batteries - can anyone recommend a good alternative body (assuming 
>>>that it's worth it for using the lenses I got) - I gather the A series 
>>>are pretty good and  the F bodies are apparently superb - any pros and 
>>>Thanks in advance
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