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Subject: [Leica] OT Query - Canon FD lenses/cameras
From: marcsmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Thu May 22 11:39:15 2008
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At 05:33 AM 5/22/2008, Douglas Sharp wrote:
 >Hi, all,
 >I've just been given a Canon TLb with an FD 50/1.8 (Chrome ring and
 >bayonet lens-hood, old style FD mount), an FD 28/2.8 (New style FD
 >mount) and a Vivitar 75-260 / 4.5 Zoom (Old FD mount) + a Vivitar
 >Automatic 2x Teleconverter ( [FL-FD] - whatever that means).
 >Having never used Canon cameras or lenses until the DSLRs came out, I
 >was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the quality of the
 >The TLb is fully functional (and very simple) but needs Mercury or Wein
 >cell batteries - can anyone recommend a good alternative body (assuming
 >that it's worth it for using the lenses I got) - I gather the A series
 >are pretty good and  the F bodies are apparently superb - any pros and

Well, the TLb is hardly the shining light of the 
Canon stable but it is quite a utile picture-taker.

The battery issue is a non-issue.  You certainly 
can still buy mercury cells from, say, eBay, as 
these are still produced in Russia and China, and 
old-stock lenses are readily available as 
well.  But the use of alkaline or silver cells 
will work, as well, and I'd not worry about any 
sort of ASA adjustment.  The mercury cells 
produced 1.3 volts and the alkaline and silver 
cells 1.5 volts and the difference is meaningless 
in the world of real photography, pace Bob 
Shell.  Avoid the Wein cells as they are more 
than a bit steep in price and do not last any decent time.

The lenses you have are solid ones but not 
exactly exciting.  The Vivitar lens is a great 
historic door-stop but I doubt that it will win 
any prizes for optical quality.  Many of the 
Canon FD lenses are of extraordinary quality, 
especially the 1.4/50, but the ones you have are 
just solid though unspectacular performers.

I love the FD system.  The original F1 and the 
AE-1 Progeram are among the better buys on the 
market at present.  I sold mine when the market 
for them was high and am now considering 
replacing them, now that the market is low!

Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!

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