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Subject: [Leica] Square Film Format for the R10
From: glehrer at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Thu May 8 18:38:46 2008
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How did the discussion on the conjectural R10 get diverted from the 
possibility of a "full frame" (24x36mm) size?   Nowhere in that  German 
did I get that impression.  Did you?

Also, what do you mean by "what has happened to the price of Visoflexes 
with the M8"?  Why should the M8 cause the price of Visoflexes to rise or


Howard Cummer wrote:
> Hi Luggers,
> One time lugger, Ray Tai, now participating, I think, at the 
> Rangefinder forum, has used some Leica R lens on the Hasselblad Xpan ( 
> 24mm X 65mm). None of them have an image circle to cover 65mm but the 
> 35 Curtagon comes closest. Ray noted that there was very little fall 
> off at the edge of the R lenses' image circles (like the R28) and he 
> thought that some older style lenses had larger image circles than 
> some of the later models. Leica needs something to differentiate it 
> from the excellent DSLRs from Canon Nikon and others and going to a 
> square format - no more vertical and horizontal shots - like a mini 
> Hasselblad - could be a way to do it. I wouldn't be at all surprised 
> if they go square format - reinventing the 35mm format which Oskar 
> Barnack is credited with starting (even if he wasn't first). Older 
> lenses, if they do have a larger image circle might become sought 
> after and suddenly more valuable. I am keeping mine. Look at what has 
> happened to the price of Visoflexes with the M8. Photokina is going to 
> be very interesting. I am going and hope to lay hands on an R10. 
> Anybody else going to be there??
> Cheers,
> Howard
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