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Subject: [Leica] Nikon Coolscan 4000 Users.... HDRI ... Chocolate
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Mon May 5 20:11:35 2008

> DNGs are like RAW. Fully able to be manipulated in ACR or Lightroom without
> impacting the original scan. So you can always go back later to the DNG 
> when
> the new HDR/UberDOF/3D/MegawideGamut becomes available. Also, you can play
> with the white balance, which is, in my experience, more difficult to do 
> with
> a .tif file. ACR lets you do other stuff in RAW that you can't do 
> elsewhere,
> but I've never known enough to use it...
> It's definitely not smaller; my tif files are about 100mb smaller than my 
> dng
> files (6x6 scanned at 4000dpi).
> Like I said, though, Lightroom seems to freak with 550mb .dng files; 
> perhaps
> Wade can give some insight...
> Bob

OK here's the thing.
I'm not trying to be a bummer here I went to all the trouble to acquire
Lightroom but then I got CS3 the whole suite.
Normally I'd tell people that anything which pulls you away from Photoshop
is a bad thing. Sometimes I see people uploading things for us to see here
and I wonder how much nicer it would look if it was Photoshoped and not
My CS3 Bridge has been working really well for months. I click it and the
image then opens up in PS3. That's not a high school in NY. Its software
which is the number one key thing in photography today above any cameras or
printers or scanners.

By the way
Today in the bookstore over a single espresso I was looking over other than
the heath and diet books

The HDRI Handbook
High Dynamic Range Imaging for Photographers and CG Artists

Which cost 50 bucks. And has a CD or DVD in the back filled with good stuff
I'm sure.

This guy comes out of CGI which has been doing HDR for years.
I may have to buy this book.
Then leave it under my pillow for many weeks.

Everything you need to know about HDRI.
But were afraid to ask.

"HDRI emerged from the movie industry, and was once Hollywood's best kept

He has three other guys with very German names all seem about 30 helping him
with the book.
But no piercings.

I may have to get this book. Its pretty well made.
seems like I may have to get this book even if its 50 bucks.
HDR I think is a very very big deal for getting night shots and all kinds of
shots which were very hard to get before.
Hate to say it but we digital users will not be apologizing to the silver
only guys much longer.
 as we'll be putting out imagery which will leave them behind and obvious to
a three year old kid.

We're bon bon bon on the Autobahn!

Mark William Rabiner

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