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Subject: [Leica] IMG: One Last Goldfinch
From: ISILVERMN at (
Date: Sat May 3 13:05:19 2008

I've had a bit of difficulty logging into the LUG Gallery lately, so this  
a bit late.
I very much enjoyed looking at the snowball bush.  The fact that  it has 
seventy years of family continuity is terrific. And I won't mention  that 
older than the Bush in the White House and could probably do a better  job 
The Goldfinch pictures are very nice, especially for a first effort with a  
very long lens.  I sold off my shoulder stock after 9/11, with our local  
constabulary confused enough as it is.
Do you know of an adapter that will permit Takumar lenses to be used  on a 
Canon 30D?  There's a used camera store near by that has the lenses at  
prices, so I my take advantage if it's an option.
Thanks for showing.
Best Regards,
Ira Silverman
Irvine, CA
On Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 11:33:04 -0500, From: "Jim Nichols" 
_jhnichols@bellsouth.net_ (  wrote:
As I continue to experiment with bird photos in my backyard, I am learning  
that the shoulder stock and other conveniences used by Doug Herr and others 
 necessities if one is to get sharp images. This shot, using a 200mm plus 2X 
TC  was made with more "reach" but, on an overcast day, the shutter speed is 
too  slow for a sharp handheld  exposure.

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