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Subject: [Leica] Lens kit for europe
From: grduprey at (
Date: Mon Mar 24 20:54:48 2008

I know this is the wrong question to ask this group, but here goes anyway.  

We will be in Europe (Germany, Poland, Italy, and possibly others) for 3 
months later this year, and I am going all digital with my M8 and the 
recently purchased Leicanon 20D.  My M8 kit will be the 28 Elmarit Asph, 35 
Pre-Asph Summilux, and the 50 'Chron.  For the 20D I am planning on the 24 
Elmarit R, 60 Macro Elmarit, and the 80~200 Vario Elmar R.  Plus extra 
batteries and memory cards.  My question, as this gets a bit over weight, 
should I leave the 80~200 at home or do I really need it?  On my last trip, 
I had an opertunity to shoot an open pit coal mine in Germany and a long 
lens would have been very useful.  Most of my shooting will be architecture 
and street shots I am guessing with the occasional telephoto shot.  Other 
lenses in my arsenal and possible candidates are the 35 Elmarit R, 28~70 
Elmar R (original version), 90 Elmarit R, the 135 Elmarit R or the 200 
Telyt.  I really like the Vario Elmar R and its range is nice, but it is a 
heavy chunk of glass.  All this is goin
g into a Nat Geo Medium Bag.  Any suggestions?

Thanks In Advance,

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