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Subject: [Leica] Another ZM lens on the horizon
From: jsmith342 at (Jeffery Smith)
Date: Mon Mar 24 13:16:24 2008
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I'm completely aware that Zeiss is designing them. My point was that
Cosina changed their lens' appearance, from the earlier ones, and
Zeiss is using that newer appearance (first seen when the VC 35/2.5
and 40/1.4 M lenses came out), so now we have Cosina lenses that
identical to Zeiss lenses, at least in appearance. I'm surprised that
Zeiss is "okay" with that, since they *are* Zeiss designed lenses. It
is not the same thing as an Isuzu Rodeo being rebranded as a Honda
SUV...the two are identical except for the names. If Cosina is making
their own lenses with Zeiss advice, then I'm surprised that Cosina is
okay with that. Zeiss is obviously getting a chunk of the profits for
its "advice". I don't care what the "brand" is, to be honest. Most of
my colleagues who aren't shooters have heard of Canon, Nikon, and
Minolta. I walked into a reception at the college with a Contax, and
nobody had ever heard of that.

>  We really need to keep defining our terms clearly. The point of my last
>  post.
>  These are lenses made by Cosina. With Zeiss advice.
>  A Zeiss design?
>  Just about any glass you get anywhere started off being a Zeiss design.
>  Believe me the day you can get a new Zeiss lens for less then a grand 
> things
>  will be so out of whack we'll all be hiding in bushes with machine guns
>  resorting to cannibalism.
>  You want to see what a real Zeiss looks like go over to a friends house 
> who
>  has Zeiss Contarex or Contax stuff from the 60's or more likely Hasselblad
>  stuff.
>  They are solid as rocks and cost thousands and look like they do and 
> perform
>  like they do.
>  These are Cosina Zeiss lenses CZ or ZM.
>  A Zeiss lens would cost just as much if not more than a Leica lens.
>  Mark William Rabiner
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>  Leica Users Group.
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Jeffery L. Smith
New Orleans, LA

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