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Subject: [Leica] Canon DSLR R lens use
From: grduprey at (
Date: Tue Mar 18 15:57:58 2008


Thanks for the information.  I generally use my R lenses at full aperture, 
especially the 560 Telyt.  Sounds like some experimentation is part of the 
process with using non R SLR.  I plan on using this combo for R type photos 
anyway and the majority will be with my M8, so i expect to have the time to 
make adjustments.  Focussing with the 24 is not easy with the 20D, so I will 
order the focus confirmation adapter in the next day or so.  I will need 
practice with the 20D/R lens combos, as the body is so light and the lenses 
are all heavier, so the balance is different from the R8 and R lenses.


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From: Aram Langhans <>
> Gene.  
> Yep there are exposure problems.  I have 6 Leica lenses and all give the 
> correct 
> exposure on my Canon XTi at full aperature, but when I stop the lens down, 
> they 
> all tend to over-expose.  The more I stop down, the more over-exposure I 
> get.  I 
> see this in both manual mode and with AE mode.  It does not matter if the 
> lens 
> is 2, 2.8 or 4 wide open.  they all give the correct exposure wide open.
> I have tried them on my friends 20D with the same results.  David Young 
> reports 
> the same thing with is Olympus E3 and I think with his Canon 40D before 
> that.  
> So, there is someting going on that needs to be compensated for.  The 
> problem is 
> that it is not a simple -.3 setting or something because the difference 
> increases the more you stop down.  That is why I only use my Leica lenses 
> on my 
> Canon for shots that I can take the time and view and make changes when 
> needed.
> The focus confirmation part works out quite well.  And the 24mm makes some 
> quite 
> nice photos on the Canon.
> Aram
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>>> > > Well, I made the plunge and got a Canon 20D 
> used and 
> ordered a R adapter from Stephan Gandy, which should arrive tomorrow, 
> Tuesday. I 
> remember some discussion on exposure problems with some of the Canon 
> Digitals 
> with R lenses. Is there anything I need to set special on the 20D? Or just 
> put 
> in Aperture Priority and start shooting? I checked the archives but did 
> not see 
> anything. This is a stop gap while I wait to see what if anything shows up 
> at 
> Photokina in the form of a R10. Also how big of a CF card can be used with 
> the 
> 20D?> > Thanks for any help,> Gene> 
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