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Subject: [Leica] Canon DSLR R lens use
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Tue Mar 18 18:14:42 2008

Gene offered:

Subject:Canon DSLR R lens use

>> Focussing with the 24 is not easy with the 20D, so I will order the focus
confirmation adapter in the next day or so.<<

Hi Gene,

Here's a focus tip when using wide lenses and SLR bodies of any kind or

Instead of starting to focus with the lens at infinity to focus closer. It
works much easier to snap the lens around to it's closest point of focus,
then camera to eye and come back to the point you wish to focus on.

In this manner when you look in the viewfinder everything is completely  out
of focus blur. So as you turn the focus ring the eye picks the sharpest
point much easier than going from a point of all in focus, as in at
infinity, then trying to focus on your sharp point closer in. The focus
confirmation works beautifully with Leica glass and the 20D without

Trust me this focus trick works perfectly as I've used super wides of all
sizes and makes on any number of odd ball SLR's and it works.

Just easier with the confirmation adapter.


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