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Subject: [Leica] Canon DSLR R lens use
From: grduprey at (
Date: Wed Mar 19 14:33:00 2008


Thanks for the tip, I will give it a try, and maybe save a few bucks.


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From: Ted Grant <>
> Gene offered:
> Subject:Canon DSLR R lens use
> >> Focussing with the 24 is not easy with the 20D, so I will order the 
> >> focus
> confirmation adapter in the next day or so.<<
> Hi Gene,
> Here's a focus tip when using wide lenses and SLR bodies of any kind or
> match-up.
> Instead of starting to focus with the lens at infinity to focus closer. It
> works much easier to snap the lens around to it's closest point of focus,
> then camera to eye and come back to the point you wish to focus on.
> In this manner when you look in the viewfinder everything is completely  
> out
> of focus blur. So as you turn the focus ring the eye picks the sharpest
> point much easier than going from a point of all in focus, as in at
> infinity, then trying to focus on your sharp point closer in. The focus
> confirmation works beautifully with Leica glass and the 20D without
> question. 
> Trust me this focus trick works perfectly as I've used super wides of all
> sizes and makes on any number of odd ball SLR's and it works.
> Just easier with the confirmation adapter.
> ted
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