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Subject: [Leica] More management blabla
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Mon Mar 10 11:27:25 2008
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Technically, this is easier to say than it may be to do.......

If the format is outside the image cone of the older R lenses, then maybe a
lens mount change is in order.

The older lenses ( LTM aged) had really large image circles.  They could be
used on 6x6 format with no problems from vignetting.
But the newer R lenses, especially the WA or even t he normal 50mm, may not
have enough covering power to handle the new sensor.
If the old lenses do not cover, why use that lens mount?  In which case, a
new lens mount may appear to service the new sensor "standard".
Along with that must come new lenses optically designed to cover the new

Wouldn't it be a hoot if the new sensor was actually SMALLER than 24x36?

Frank Filippone

my guess on the R line is the old lenses will work. leica is not big
enough to roll out a whole new mount with lenses unless Panasonic is
making the lenses. the current R mount is big enough to work on canon
full frame so it should work on the new leica R.

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