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Subject: [Leica] Some more 'cutting the edge'
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Sat Dec 8 16:08:41 2007
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On Dec 8, 2007, at 3:22 PM, Lottermoser George wrote:

> On Dec 8, 2007, at 3:49 PM, Steve Barbour wrote:
>> I still question why to be new... you need new technique...
> I don't believe that "to be new" you need new technique.
> Something, however, has to qualify as "new."
> It could come from: technique, style, subject, etc. or any  
> combination.
>> then I think you become a slave to a certain technique...
> One may "become a slave" to a technique; or simply an explorer of a  
> technique which holds one's interest. I certainly do not consider  
> Morell a slave to technique. I consider him a visual explorer  
> remaining true to photography in its purest form.
>> it's a bit like saying to write the next great novel you must use a  
>> certain new computer...
> Here you've switched from "new" to "great."

ahhh hahhhh...

I will continue being naive, not by choice...

yes... and for  me "new"

as applied at least to those things that we become aware of...  should  
imply great, or maybe  important, or at least worthwhile...

the problem in this thread I think, is that cutting edge is used to  
mean new...

(and apparantly that's enough)

so we are agreeing, the requirements do not include great, or  
important, or even worthwhile...

in fact, by definition,  "new"  suggests that most of it is going to  
be garbage...


>> if you really have something new-great-important to say...
>> ...why can't you use a pencil and paper ?
> Now you've added "important." While these three adjectives may all  
> apply to an artists work. More than likely - pick one - for most art/ 
> artists. Of course a wordsmith can create potentially great and/or  
> new and/or important work with any tool that will record their words  
> - back to charcoal on the cave wall.
> Hypertext has, however, opened up a whole "new" form of novel  
> literature which moves away from the linear story. 
> < 
> >
> While quite new, 'tis for others to judge if it qualify as important  
> or great literature?
> Then there's the hypertext multimedia world, which presents yet  
> another "cutting, bleeding edge" of personal expression - much of it  
> quite exciting - as a new form. This work presents non-linear story  
> telling with images, state of the art graphics, sounds, video, etc.  
> Takes a lot of time to get to the best of it. Lot's of crap to sort  
> through, due to the marvelous reality of all this hardware and  
> software becoming available to just about everyone - whether you  
> have something great or important or even interesting to say, or not.
> ;~)
> Regards,
> George Lottermoser
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