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Subject: [Leica] Some more 'cutting the edge'
From: imagist3 at (Lottermoser George)
Date: Mon Dec 10 08:56:58 2007
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> yes... and for  me "new"
> as applied at least to those things that we become aware of...   
> should imply great, or maybe  important, or at least worthwhile...

I would agree to some extent. Yet, when a "new" whatever first  
appears it may take some time to become "great" while it's  
"importance" may or may not be recognized. The early digital image  
capturing devices took quite some time to become "good" let alone  
"great." Yet enough folks saw the importance to continue to develop  
the technology to where it has now achieved some greatness.

> the problem in this thread I think, is that cutting edge is used to  
> mean new...
> (and apparantly that's enough)

Enough? That's where we begin another level to the discussion. Does  
enough substance exist in the hypothesis to continue to pursue  
research? I suspect different sensibilities will arrive at separate  

> so we are agreeing, the requirements do not include great, or  
> important, or even worthwhile...

Only time will tell if "new" ideas, whether about technique, style,  
aesthetics, etc. will prove important or great. This, almost by  
definition, seems true of all all "new bleeding edge" ideas in  
various matters, including the art and craft of photography.

> in fact, by definition,  "new"  suggests that most of it is going  
> to be garbage...

I really think that this depends on the seriousness, skill,  
intelligence and sincerity of the creator/developer working at the  
bleeding edge. I see a lot of the work (that others consider garbage)  
as thoughtful, well developed, viable attempts at saying new things  
in new ways. Whether these works will prove important or great steps  
in the development of the art and craft seems more of an historical  

George Lottermoser
Picture A Week -

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