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Subject: RE: [Leica] New Voigtländer 21mm M mount
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Fri Dec 7 10:03:01 2007
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I went through a similar though process as well.... and came to the same
opinion.  Sometimes, even though you would love to have the best, you just
can not afford/justify/convince yourself that it is what you MUST have.
Second best ( or another way to say it is that the  other choices .. Zeiss
or Cosina.....)  are good enough.

The 21 Cosina lens is "good enough" for what I do with it.  Travel.  It
resides on a M6TTL, so that IR issues is just not a problem.  ( No M8

What to do with the $3200 saved... It's obvious..... 

Save up a few more bucks and get the WATE.  ( I wish I could rationalize
that one......)

Frank Filippone

> The Leica f/2.8 ASPH 21mm is about 10 times the cost of this little
> puppy.
> Of course, now comes the important part; how do the images look?  So
> far, very good.  I will have some to post after this weekend.  I have
> tried putting an IR filter on the lens, and of course there is the
> corner cyan issue.  Right now I am experimenting with a Sharpie trying
> to get the M8 to think it is a Leica 21mm, to help correct that.
> My main use is going to be travel, so I think that this lens will do
> just fine.
> Here is my question:  what should I do with the $3,200 I saved by
> buying this lens over the Leica?  ;-)
> Regards,
> Bob Rose

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