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Subject: [spam] Re: [Leica] Totally OT: Prius experiences?
From: eduardoalbesi at (Eduardo Albesi)
Date: Fri Nov 16 13:59:53 2007
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Thanks for the clarifications Henning


El 16/11/2007, a las 17:34, Henning Wulff escribi?:

>> Ken, it is the first time I hear something like this:
>>>    Carbon footprint?  Most cars consume more energy while being  
>>> manufactured than on the road.
>> sounds very probable and interesting. Do you have any figures  
>> about this?
>> thanksinadvance,
>> Ed
> There are a whole lot of factors in energy efficiency/ecological  
> footprint concerns.
> Cars do take a lot of energy to produce, and the Prius  
> unfortunately needs more; batteries are a large part of the  
> problem. Also, regarding the ecological footprint, there is the  
> concern that batteries intrinsically need aggressive chemicals to  
> work and that is a manufacturing/re-manufacturing and accident and  
> disposal issue.
> The total life-cycle ecological footprint is generally lower for  
> turbo diesels of the latest types, and these are probably most  
> reasonable for European users. Now that finally low sulphur fuels  
> are also available in N. America we'll see more diesels here as  
> well, as they are even better suited to the N. American style of  
> driving.
> Regarding the wish for better brakes; Toyatas in general have  
> relatively poor systems. Some years back a test was done in Europe  
> on brakes. About 10 different cars from various manufacturers were  
> tested. The final test was loading them to the manufacturers  
> specified maximum (which is surprisingly low, and exceeded  
> regularly in the US and Canada), driven to the top of a high  
> mountain pass, driven down the pass with frequent use of the brakes  
> (necessary!), sped up to 120km/hr or so, and then had their bakes  
> slammed on right after at a specified point. At the point where the  
> best braking car (a Porsche) had stopped, the residual speed of the  
> others was measured as they tried to stop. The Toyota was still  
> going over 60km/hr.
> When the LS400 Lexus was first brought to Germany and marketed as  
> an alternative to BMW's and Mercedes, it was found that while it  
> could accelerate to 250km/hr on the Autobahn, it needed regular  
> brake system (pads, discs, the lot) replacement every 5000km or so  
> as the braking system was not up to the speeds it could achieve.  
> And it couldn't stop adequately even when the brakes were new.
> The Prius Hybrid system works well in a certain range of speeds and  
> usage. Gentle acceleration, speeds of 120km/hr or less and gentle  
> cornering. The idiot tv screen showing where your power is going  
> can thankfully be turned off. It seems to be very reliable and  
> problem free; a Toyota virtue. The problem is (if you like driving  
> the car) that it has no overall ecological advantage, and  
> monetarily you are not going to come out ahead unless you drive a  
> lot more than average.
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