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Subject: [Leica] Developer for Neopan 1600/TMax 3200
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Oct 25 19:34:43 2007

> Mark, what speed are you using as an EI?  I recently did some very
> limited testing on this film and had good results with Crawley's FX-37.
> A nice sort of grain that didn't intrude but held edges well.  I was
> shooting at 1000 (incident) and getting decent shadow detail.  I was
> surprised at the reasonable grain size in all of the soups that I
> tried.  This could be a very versatile film with a little work on my
> part in sorting it out.  I wish it was available in 120, bulk rolls and
> 24 exp rolls, too.
> Mark Rabiner wrote:
>> My favorite film developer dilution combination is Neopan 1600 in Xtol 1:3
>> 12 minutes 70 degrees
Very frustrating to me its not available in Brownie film.
Where that kind of speed would be especially helpful.

If I want speed shooting 220 or 120 film I end up having to shoot color neg
pro films.

With Xtol 1:3 1600 seemed right on the money. I never ended up making any
adjustments on it. For the Neopan 1600.

I looked up FX 37 Film Developer on the internet and here it is.

Distilled Water     750ml
Sodium Sulfite     69g
Hydroquinone     5g
Sodium Carbonate (anhy)     5g
Phenidone     0.5g
Borax (Sodium Borate)     2.5g
Potassium Bromide     0.5g
Benzotriazole, 1% Solution     5ml
Distilled water to make     1000ml

To be used at 1:3 through 1:5

A very "tweaked" developing formula!?!
69 not 70 grams of sulfite! Resulting at 1:3 to 17.25grams of sulfite per
liter! That's a nice amount as far as I go. So would 20.
BOTH Benzotriazole AND Bromide
BOTH Carbonate AND Borax
I know this is famous guy but this is very tweaked.
I'm more easily swayed by simplicity. And Ascorbic Acid derivatives...
Fights for you.. Freeing free radicals!

Mark William Rabiner

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