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Subject: [Leica] Developer for Neopan 1600/TMax 3200
From: freakscene at (Marty Deveney)
Date: Thu Oct 25 19:01:31 2007

 Xtol is best.  I shoot Neopan 1600 @ EI 640 and develop for 11 minutes
in Xtol 1+3.  This is seriously divergent from Mark's data, but it works
for me. TMZ works best in Xtol 1+1 - higher dilutions produce a lot of
grain and very high dilutions don't have enough developer to get proper
density.  The Kodak times - 20% worked fine for me - I generally shot
this film at EI1000 but haven't used it for a couple of years. D76 1+2
with 2-5g/L ascorbate works well, but isn't as good as Xtol.  It's more
alkaline, which I think encourages grain.  I'll try to test that
scientifically someday.  The high alkalinity can sometimes cause the
activate the ascorbate alone (rather than synergistically with the other
developers) which can get ugly.  This has been a problem for some with
Patrick Gainer's PC-TEA, but can be fixed by adding a little bromide. 
D76 probably isn't alkaline enough for this to pose a problem, but it's
worth bearing in mind. Whatever film you use, I'd strongly recommend
developing at least one test roll to get your time right.  It's not worth
experimenting on rolls that hold valuable images (like wedding shots).

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