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Subject: [Leica] Re: LUG Digest, Vol 35, Issue 482
From: len-1 at (Leonard Taupier)
Date: Sat Sep 22 07:54:20 2007
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You had it easy. I probably had to approve 3 or 4 ECO's a day. While  
some changes were easy to approve like substituting one vendor for  
another on a common part, some were more difficult and required small  
pilot runs when the parts were slightly different. In our case we  
only notified our customers when form, fit or function was changed.  
Also the customer was another company and we better notify them. I  
think Leica had a problem in this case. The change required a change  
to the firmware which would be noticed quite quickly and then  
questioned by the user base. Like "Hey, the new cameras have new  
firmware. The new cameras must be better then the old ones. Where can  
I send my camera to be upgraded?" I think they did the right thing.  
Good for them.


On Sep 22, 2007, at 12:54 AM, wrote:

> Very true.  I have about 3 or more engineering change orders every  
> week for approval to use a replacement part where the suppliers  
> have changed or replaced a part with a new one, which may or may  
> not be an exact fit or function replacement.
> Gene
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>>> If I'm a manufacturer I don't go around telling people I'm having to
>>> botch something together because I don't have the parts - IMO,  
>>> the silly
>>> buggers could just as well have kept quiet about the new version.
>> What? And have another bunch of neurotic yahoos bitch about  
>> Leica's buggery
>> secretive practices?
>> And anyway, it's not about not having parts, it's about a supplier  
>> changing a
>> part, which happens
>> all the time in most product lives.
>> Stan Yoder
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