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Subject: [Leica] Summarit-M lenses revealed
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sun Aug 12 00:49:06 2007

> If you check the archives, you will see that I and several others argued
> years ago that Leica's long-term future lies in leveraging their optical
> expertise by marketing lenses for other systems. I am sure it is only a
> matter of time before we can buy Leica glass in Canon, Nikon and other
> mounts. Especially since Leica is likely to dump its SLR line and
> concentrate on the now successful rangefinder line--so by making lenses
> for other SLR makers they will not be competing with themselves.
> Nathan

Well just because they've lowered their price point out of the sky doesn't
mean they're soon planning on selling out completely.

That said you walk into a Best Buy or any electronics gadget store and the
first thing you see lined up is a bunch of plastic digicams with security
devices on the tops of them and :

Carl Zeiss

Obberbaddenstraussen etc. I'll take mine with mustard.

Emblazoned on the very front of their lens rims brighter and bigger than the
puny names of the Panasonic, Sony and Kodak cameras they front.

You'd think you were in Z?rich but not one part on any of these digicams
ever get near the European continent let alone Germany unless there's a dire

Only their hairdresser knows for sure if these optical companies played any
part at all in the design and manufacture of these lenses other than selling
their name. And font. And they're not telling.  Last I heard Leica does not
design most of the optical systems but looks at the design before it goes
back to Panasonic and makes a suggestion or two which maybe even gets
listened to. Then we get a Kosher lens.  A wave of the hand. Something is
tweaked maybe.  I try to believe though.
I do I do I do.

Ah yes German optical system! Yes yes!

Mark William Rabiner
Harlem, NY

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