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Subject: [Leica] Summarit press release
From: grduprey at (
Date: Tue Aug 7 20:55:15 2007


The new 28/2.8 Asph Elmarit has not been discontinued.  They are just having 
problems keeping up with demand as I understand it.  I got one last month, 
and the dealer had 2 of them in stock, when the major stores had none.


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> Hoppy, I agree with you that the used lens market does nothing for 
> Leica....but it is a valid choice for users, and must be considered as a 
> competitor at least in the users minds.. and these Summarits lenses are 
> not 
> that cheap. They sell for about what a used lens of the same FL and F2 
> aperture sells for..... If the market is truly for the M8 new buyer, a $5K 
> body purchase would establish the user as pretty well heeled. Whether the 
> lenses cost $1100-1500 or $2500 each, would probably not matter.. the 
> other 
> choice is a $300 P+S. Different class of user. 
> Most used 35 NON ASPH Summicrons are $600-1K, so a new lens for $1K is not 
> a 
> clear market winner. However, a used 35/1.4 is also around $1K.... so to 
> me the choice is a new F2.5 or a used 1.4 for my Thousand bucks....I'd go 
> for the light and get the used lens. 
> The 75 is certainly a winner. I have the 75Lux and it is heavy. The 75 
> Summicron is too $$$ by comparison. A lighter lens would be delightful at 
> $1K or so. 
> I don't see the position for the 50/2.5 that the 50 Elmar does not fill 
> already. I think they would have done better with the 50 Summicron ASPH at 
> $1.5K.... Erwin has written that the lens is in the drawing board.... 
> maybe 
> I will get my way? 
> The 90 2.5 is lost. It has no place to win, compared to the very slightly 
> more expensive new and pretty recent Macro 90/4 . 
> What do I want from the 28/ASPH Elmarit? Availability. The recent rumors 
> it was discontinued made me jump into looking into purchasing 
> luck 
> so far. For the market, it is the 35mm of the M8 crowd... so why whack it 
> ( 
> Tony Soprano reference)?. 
> Frank Filippone 
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