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Subject: [Leica] M8 notes during use. Now -- RAW or JPEG? ;-)
From: vondauster at (Will von Dauster)
Date: Sun Jun 17 13:18:51 2007
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Sorry for the late response to this thread. I've been out of e-mail  
contact for a few days.

Allow me to advocate never taking a compact flash card out of a  
camera unless it is defective.

My approach with compact flash (not SD) is to buy the absolute  
biggest card I can afford - say 8MB - and use the USB cord  
exclusively. With the 20D the connection is USB 2.0 High Speed, which  
is very, very fast. I have never lost an image to a defective card.  
It is my belief that the tiny holes in CF cards are easily blocked or  
clogged by relatively small amounts of dust or grime. Not true of SD  
cards, of course.

I am using Macs exclusively, and therefore have an easier time of  
things in general. Lightroom (yay Adobe! - and, Apple for Aperture,  
too) has made my work flow 10 times easier than when I was using  
Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. My images are imported directly into  
Lightroom, then the flow resembles Nathan's. Cull, tweak (usually a  
given shoot with the same camera takes most of the same adjustments,  
so I create a preset and apply to every image from the same part of  
an assignment), and export/print/whatever. The organizational tools  
in Lightroom are good, if not perfect. Good to hear you're getting up  
to speed on it Ted!

There are times and cameras (Olympus E-500, for example) where jpeg  
is good enough, but when it really matters on an assignment, and it  
usually does, raw is the way to go. It can bail your butt out on  

Photoshop is still invaluable for images that need extra work or are  
otherwise problematic, of course.

I hope that Mike Ninness or another good presenter holds a Lightroom  
session or two at next year's MacWorld Conference...

Will von Dauster

On Jun 14, 2007, at 9:58 PM, Jeff Moore wrote:

> 2007-06-14-23:17:01 Ted Grant:
>> The Canon 20D.I did try to make it work in RAW. Yep the camera  
>> worked fine,
>> it was when I'd try to down load. It was so much damn trouble  
>> fiddling &
>> finding the correct down loading routine certainly compared to  
>> JPEG. I
>> finally just frustrate out with... "Screw this!" And back to JPEG!
> This I don't understand, because you'd upload RAW files just the  
> same as
> JPEGs, or any other thing out of the camera: pull the flash card  
> out of
> your camera, stick it in your nice fast computer card reader, and drag
> the pictures from the card to where you want them to sit on your
> computer's disk.  (With Lightroom, if you want to get that automatic,
> you can let it copy them from the card for you I think.)  The only  
> times
> I've had problems with this copy step was when I stupidly tried to  
> do it
> by running a cable between the camera and the computer, instead of  
> just
> popping out the card.  Camera to computer direct transfer is a little
> different for every camera, and always manages to be more of a  
> nightmare
> than it should be -- so no problem, avoid it!
> So.. no difference at all between RAW and JPEG in the copying  
> phase.  So
> is the problem opening them later?  If so, maybe you had software too
> old to know how to open the RAW files you had.  Whatever helpful  
> friend
> is coming to help get Lightroom set up can make sure everything
> (including the Camera Raw plugin your Photoshop uses) is up to the
> latest version.  Because it should really be no problem, and someone
> probably just needs to walk you through it on your own computer.
> Have no fear!  It's easy now!
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