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Subject: [Leica] M8 notes during use. Now -- RAW or JPEG? ;-)
From: ericm at (Eric)
Date: Fri Jun 15 15:10:54 2007
References: <> <0JJN003JCQGAVQH0@l-daemon>


>Part of the problem is sitting in front of the screen any longer than I have
>to. If I shoot JPEG it's all click - click swift and great!

Then shoot JPEG and don't worry.  If it ain't broken, don't fix it.  You're
not the only pro who shoots jpegs.  Keep it simple, and keep your enjoyment
alive.  You're the master of the "line up the LEDs and click" philosophy.
If that met your needs for film, the JPEGs may meet your needs for digital.

I shoot RAW.  I start to shudder horribly when I think about throwing away
data up front.  I'm a computer geek at heart.  I can tell you six ways from
Sunday why RAW is better than JPEG theoretically.

But in practice?  If you can't see a difference, don't worry about it.  I
remember when a discussion came up a while back on the list about how big of
a spot the Ms used to meter.  And you said it didn't matter...just line up
the LEDs and click.  And ya know what?  I think you have a better body of
work than anybody else on the list.  Keep it simple if it's working for you,
Ted.  And it is definitely working.


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