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Subject: [Leica] IMG: killdeer...easy come, easy go
From: ericm at (Eric)
Date: Sat Jun 23 05:34:46 2007

Once I realized we had a nesting pair of killdeer in our front yard, I
started finding out what I could.  They started sitting on the nest on May
28th.  Average incubation period is 24 days, which would put hatching on
June 21.  That was pretty much spot on.  Two of the eggs hatched on the
afternoon of the 20th:

Morning of the 21st:

The other two hatched later that same morning.

That afternoon, I got my first glimpse of one of the chicks out and about.
I'm not happy with the quality of this one, but it's the *only* shot I have
of one of these chicks outside the nest.

Those chicks are fast!  I didn't want to drive him further from the nest, so
I didn't pursue him.  Instead, I took a picture of his remaining siblings.

And then I went inside.  I figured I'd give the parents time to coral the
stray.  15 minutes later, the nest was empty.

And there were 4 fast, furry chicks running about while the parents tried to
get them to run mostly in the same direction.  Less than 24 hours between
hatching and running around.  Even though I had read that the chicks stayed
in the nest just long enough to dry out, the speed of the process amazed me.
My babies are gone!

Now I'm just back to enjoying Doug's pictures.  And I can mow my front lawn
again.  :)


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