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Subject: [Leica] for those about to sell their DMR
From: faneuil at (Eric Korenman)
Date: Sat Jun 16 07:30:22 2007
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Good to know I'm not crazy - My experience has been identical.
Thats why the 5d is the 'tool' camera and my m8 is 'my' camera.

George - what are some of the MF digital quirks?
In particular - anything odd about the CFV?


On 6/15/07, Lottermoser George <> wrote:
> I'm also following the medium format backs (with sensors that really
> aren't that much larger than the better "35mm" chips - unless you're
> talking 22-30mpx). If you get into the chat rooms and blogs of the
> medium format shooters you'll find that all of these deep sensors
> have quirky stuff to consider; including the DMR, which I'm using.
> Yet, when they're working right the files are incomparable. Just this
> morning I photographed an interior with the 15mm Super-Elmar-R on the
> 5D and also on the DMR, both at ASA 100. This is the first comparison
> I've done (same lens, same subject, same lighting) The 5D shadow
> noise is horrible compared to the creamy depth of the DMR file.
> Absolutely No Contest. YMMV. It's quite interesting to me that the
> 20D and 5D do work remarkably well at high ISO's - much better than
> the M8 and DMR. Yet at speeds below 400. The 20D and 5D files can't
> come close the the M8 and DMR in terms of dynamic range, fine detail
> in highlights and shadows; as especially in recovery of true, noise
> free shadow detail in post processing.
> Regards,
> George Lottermoser
> On Jun 15, 2007, at 12:05 PM, Leonard Taupier wrote:
> > I have also been keeping track of the Hassy back for my 501CM. For
> > the last couple of years they have really been out of my price
> > range. I see there now is a $1000 rebate on the 16MP CFV version.
> > How does that compare to the DMR? Anybody?
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