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Subject: [Leica] Darkroom (Nova "trays")
From: drodgers at (David Rodgers)
Date: Thu Jun 7 11:03:06 2007


Here's a link to printing with one ink type -- MIS Ebony -- but using 3
separate jets, in an R1800. I like it because you only need to stock one
ink, so you can buy in quantity. That makes things convenient and
economical, and the results are excellent. 

I tried this out using some paper that I've had for a while. I was
mainly  testing but I struck gold. The printer paper combo looked
fantastic. Sadly, I can't remember what the paper is called. It's no
longer available, anyway. I'm almost out, but hopefully newer papers
will work as well (or even better).

I haven't reached the software wall in my Epson yet. But at the rate I'm
going I probably will. I'll be upset when I do :-(


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I use MIS Associates' inks too, both for R800 and C86.

The Ultratone EZ for the C86 works flawlessly for me. But Epson programs

in some stuff so that printers "wear out" before they really have. 
Epson's software says "nope, I'm not going to print any more".

I've gone through 2 of them and and on my third and last one. After 
that, it becomes a pain to print b/w.

I have succeeded with Epson's own inks and Cone's Piezography inks in 
the R800 using Quadtone RIP, but that is expensive, both of them.

Cone's Peizography gives nothing over the quality of the C86 with MIS 
Ultratone carbon inks so it is a real stumbling block to put out so much

money on their inks. (They clog a lot and not a lot of recyling and get 
very very expensive too).

So I'm pushed back into the darkroom to get reasonable prints. For me, 
it is a bit of a bummer, because I simply do not like working in the 


David Rodgers wrote:
> Daniel,
> I purchased some empty spongeless carts, chips, and bulk inks from MIS
> for my R800. I've filled carts for various other printers in the past,
> but I always had issues. This is far and away the easiest, most
> foolproof, and economical ink solution I've experienced to date. I
> expected some hassles, especially with  chips. But it was quite
> Everything worked -- and is still working -- like a charm. 
> My only issue now is having the option for matte and glossy. I
> the gloss and photo black carts with Ebony (matte black). I can print
> using 3 channels (via QTR) and the results are excellent. I can print
> color, too, but matte only. 
> Sometimes I like to print glossy (Kirkland paper mainly, either BW or
> color). For that I need photo black. Museo Silver Rag also requires
> photo black. So I either need to get another R800, an R1800, or unbox
> and use my R220 for matte BW. I haven't decided yet, but the R1800 is
> the most likely option. 
> I'm pleased with after market inks now. That wasn't the case a couple
> years ago. OTOH, maybe the printer makers are trying to remain one
> ahead. I just hope they don't make it too difficult in the future. Or
> they do I hope my current printers hold up. 
> DaveR  
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> Subject: [Leica] Darkroom (Nova "trays")
> Believe it or not, but it is becoming more difficult, not easier, to
> digital prints. Companies like Epson are changing their printers so
> you can't use 3rd party (piezo-, and carbon) inks.
> Just like cameras, printers have become a moving target and it is 
> difficult to keep abreast with what is happening (unless you can
> one of the really good ones, the big ones ... they seem to be more
> stable).
> I am only interested in black and white, not color. Printing color 
> digitally is less of a problem, actually, hardly one at all.
> So I am thinking about keeping my darkroom set up after all. I have a 
> dedicated room for it (even though the boys have booked it for their 
> week-end poker nights now and then).
> One of the things I don't like is washing up all the trays when I am 
> finished and have been thinking about the Nova system with a box and 
> vertical slots with very little contact between the liquids and air.
> are supposed to be able to just put the cover on and the chemicals
> last longer without you having to pour them over to bottles after each

> run (if you don't just throw them out).
> Is this a reasonable way of working for someone who would only go into

> the darkroom once a week (possibly twice).
> Daniel
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