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Subject: [Leica] Re: DVD failure
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Tue Jun 5 08:42:09 2007

On the DVD's its these wanna be time machine tester people again and it gets
my particular goat.
The Wilhelm stuff for instance is widely respected never ever questioned =
how long an inkjet print would last they tell you up to the day. 67 years
for this. 106 years for that inkjet print from that company.
I think its a laugh and its like I'm alone walking in a living nightmare.
Slow motion. Melting clocks. Locomotives.

To think that a bank of florescent lights equals a time machine strikes me
as wildly humorous yet; no one blinks an eyelash for one second. And they
went to MIT or Cornell and I went to Webster.

These people "looked at DVD's" and determined they'd last 30 years. And it
reminded me of Wilhelm and I suspect there may be a similarity. A
At least on the DVD it was a ROUND NUMBER!
Did they look at them under a bank of UV lights? Heat them up a little? Tape
them to the window so the sun its it every day? How about the hair dryer? A
touch of steam maybe from a Jiffy Steamer that's the ticket! I'd for sure
give it a touch of that. Then you've got your 33.2 years.

Take E = mc2 for instance
What is it NOT?

M is NOT the thing which looks like a microwave which has a bunch of UV
lights in it.
E is NOT the light it gives off. And
C is NOT how long your inkjet or DVD is going to last.
That's what its not.

They just don't have it down like that yet. Its not what those letters and
numbers mean I hear. But you'd think they were they way these people think
they have the time space paper plastic continuum all down under their
scientific control in their back room next to the Mr. Coffee.
Drip drip

Some day in the SHARPER IMAGE they'll sell little microwaves which are time
machines so you can age your jeans or whatever make all your cameras
antiques but that day has yet to be.
1984 and 2001 have come and gone.

Perhaps we must wait till the cherished year 2525 for these nifty items to
appear on the shelves.
Then disappear mysteriously.


Mark Rabiner

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