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Subject: [Leica] Scanning HELP
From: len-1 at (Leonard Taupier)
Date: Fri May 11 15:55:02 2007
References: <002401c7940f$24b3c550$2101a8c0@luispersonal>

Hi Luis,

No question the Epson software is giving you the best image quality.  
In photo #1 the view on my monitor is the same as yours. I am  
surprised at the loss of detail with Vuescan and Silverfast.

I can see your problem, especially since a lot of your photos have  
deep shadows. If it were me I would stay with the Epson software and  
try to bring up the detail in the shadows with Photoshop. Have you  
tried to adjust the image using the Shadow/Highlight? It looks like  
you would not have to make a big adjustment and you maintain the  
detail in the Epson. Give it a try. I'll try your photo on my  
computer as well.


On May 11, 2007, at 4:58 PM, Luis Ripoll wrote:

> Hi all,
> I need some help and advices about what can I do with my scanning  
> problem.
> First point: I'm scanning with a EPSON 3170, and I'm absolutely fully
> satisfied and happy with the results, IMO I obtain better detail  
> and tones
> than scanning with Silverfast (too contrasty/hard), or Vuescan (Too
> soft/smooth, loss of details, but better on the shadows). Please  
> compare
> these three pictures (For Vuescan and Silverfast I've used the trial
> versions):
> This one was scanned with the Epson 3170 software, for me is perfect:
> This one with Silverfast, contrast is more hard/strong, certain  
> loss of
> details
> Siverfast3_w.jpg.html
> This one with Vuescan, more soft, more shadows details, please see an
> important loss of details on the left corner
> vuescan_w.jpg.html
> Up to here, your question could be, what are you asking for?.
> HERE IS THE ORIGIN OF THE PROBLEM: when I scann with the Epson very  
> dark
> negatives the resulting image is:
> usually with an important loss of parts of the image, for this  
> reason I've
> started the tests with Vuescan and Silverfast:
> With Silverfast
> Silverfast2w.jpg.html
> With Vuescan
> vuescan_w.jpg.html
> As you can appreciate Vuescan produce more detail on the shadows,  
> but the
> overall image quality I like is the one with the EPSON, and here is my
> question:
> Could somebody tell me what can I do to avoid this problem with the  
> Epson?
> Beside this, IMO is more friendly work with Silverfast tahn  
> Vuescan, on this
> one every change you do it refresh and takes an enormous time!, on  
> the other
> hand Silverfast has a wide range of films type to scann, you can  
> better
> define the resolution..., I like more the Silverfast software, but  
> not the
> final image.
> Your comments and help will be really appreciated,
> Thanks in advance
> Luis
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