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Subject: [Leica] M8 use filters or not
From: grduprey at (
Date: Tue Mar 13 17:07:16 2007

My thoughts exactly, have not regretted the purchase at all, fantastic 


-------------- Original message from Leonard Taupier <>: 

> Scott, 
> Good for you. A voice of reason. 
> Enjoy. Most of us are. 
> Len 
> On Mar 13, 2007, at 1:36 PM, Scott Gregory wrote: 
> > All this hand wringing about IR filters etc and waiting for a 
> > possible fix in an M9 makes me glad that I did get the M8. No I did 
> > not get the first batch as that was when I was really thinking long 
> > and hard about the investment. For me it is a lot of bucks, but I 
> > have a heavy investment in Leica M glass that I was not using. I am 
> > really in to digital photography and photoshop to print digitally 
> > and using the Nikon D2X. Great camera, but heavy unless you can put 
> > on a tripod all day. 
> > So I invested in the M8. I for one have to say I certainly am not 
> > glad I waited for something better. I have been using it out of the 
> > box with no problems at all touch on wood. I have been told by 
> > Leica just this week in an email that they cannot even tell me when 
> > the filters will be shipped since they are out of stock and my 
> > order was placed the second week of January. Not a big issue, I'll 
> > just wait to see when they arrive. But I am using the camera and 
> > the pictures I am getting are simply wonderful. I have even taken 
> > pictures of people with black fabric shirts, sometimes I see the 
> > magenta very very slightly but othertimes I don't, the shirts are 
> > black as black can be. 
> > Bottom line is the camera is superb for taking pictures, at least I 
> > am finding that. I have learned not to wait for the latest and 
> > greatest but to make an informed decision and to enjoy each day 
> > taking photos with what I have. There always will be something 
> > better out there, but who knows, I may not be here to enjoy it when 
> > it arrives. Buy the M8 and start taking great pictures. You won't 
> > be disappointed especially when you see the large digital blowups 
> > you can make with this machine. 
> > 
> > Scott Gregory 
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