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Subject: [Leica] Working with the M8--- Not Given the Chance
From: grduprey at (
Date: Tue Feb 27 18:49:40 2007

hi Henning,

Yes, I plan on doing some comparisons, if the weather ever clears up.  ;-)

Interesting about using WAs with the filters having the cyan problem.  
Especially when you need to use a WA for normal  shots etc.  They say the 
filter with the coding solves this, but my 35 Summilux is not on the list 
for coding.  Something of a bummer.  I also have a CV 35 Ultron, which I got 
one of the filters for and will try it in the next day or so.


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> At 12:00 AM +0000 2/28/07, wrote: 
> >Hi Alastair, 
> > 
> >Good to hear the replacement is working ok. I just got my UV/IR 
> >filters, that I ordered locally today. However since I have not 
> >seen the magenta effect that much, I'm wondering if I should just 
> >stuff them into the bag and wait for the need, or just put them on 
> >the lenses. They do have an interesting tint from the side, but 
> >from straight on no tint. I still find myself worrying about 
> >shooting to much 'Film', so have not fallen to the digital shoot 
> >wildly syndrome. ;-) I do need to shoot more though, If this 
> >weather will only clear up so I can go outside. But we are 
> >expecting another big storm starting sometime tomorrow. 
> > 
> >Gene 
> Gene, you should just take a number of shots with and without the 
> filters. That's really the only way you'll see what they do. 
> In my estimation when shooting colour, for 50% of the shots, and 
> that's including a lot of outdoors stuff, the filters are needed. 
> Now I only need a simpler way to get rid of the cyan cast in the 
> corners with wide lenses. I haven't really gotten to grips yet with 
> the 12 CV; without the filter the colours are wrong but with the 
> filter it's hard to fix the cyan without introducing other errors. I 
> would hate to lose the use of this lens. 
> As with other systems, I'm also finding that some lenses which work 
> well with film don't necessarily do so with the M8. I don't have any 
> Zeiss lenses, but the CV don't fare as well in some instances. More 
> trial is needed. 
> With film, I usually ran some rolls through the camera with a new 
> lens to find out what it could do and what were its limitations, and 
> then didn't test anymore. With digital, I now have to do that all 
> again with all my lenses. It's fairly easy with digital and much more 
> immediate, but it still takes time. If I don't do it I can't predict 
> what the lens will do, or if I can trust it for certain things. The 
> filter thing is just one of them. This will also be easier once I get 
> all the filters in the next weeks. Shuffling my one 77mm filter 
> around to the various lenses of over 46mm thread is a pain. 
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