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Subject: [Leica] Re: The Elusive Digilux 3 (NOT DLlux3)
From: grduprey at (
Date: Mon Feb 19 17:24:56 2007


The premium of the Digilux 3 over its Panasonic brother is only $500, the 
Paqnasonic is $1995 (most every one i have seen) and the Digilux 3 is $2400. 
 The one advantage to buying either is that with a R adapter you can use 
these fantastic R lenses, a huge plus in my book.


-------------- Original message from "David Keenan" <>: 

> >better firmware 
> That's a laugh. The firmware issues of the M8 is pretty strong evidence 
> that 
> Leica ain't so good at writing code. 
> Frankly, I doubt that it (the firmware) is any different then what is in 
> the 
> Lumix. Why would it be? Why would Panasonic agree to market a camera with 
> "inferior" firmware. Ridiculous. 
> I have strongly considered buying the Panasonic. And I just might soon 
> enough -- but I think anyone who likes the idea of this type of camera and 
> opts for the (much) more expensive Leica version instead is, well, a 
> little 
> bit daft. 
> The ONLY reason I see if a preference for chrome over black. If someone 
> feels that strongly about having a chrome camera then what the hey? But 
> the 
> lenses are black... Doesn't a complete black kit make more sense -- and 
> flat 
> out just look better? 
> Maybe it is brand loyality. Okay, fine. And a three-year warranty. Who 
> cares? The camera will be obsolete far sooner then that. 
> Why a chrome version of a camera with a little red dot on it is worth a 
> $800+ premium over the same camera in black is beyond me. 
> Maybe the theory of "the camera as jewelry" comes into play yet again... 
> Dave. 
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