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Subject: [Leica] IMG: PAWeek 05
From: hoppyman at (G Hopkinson)
Date: Mon Feb 5 15:15:01 2007
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George, I agree regarding the sweater. Maybe because I probably had one 
about 1975 or so.
I actually found an embarrassing series in the family archives showing that 
very thing. I might send you one off-list!
Don't denigrate your personal, social documents. It's a legitimate part of 
the craft as well as a portion of what we share here in
our LUG community.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] IMG: PAWeek 05

>I find the sweater pattern quite distracting.

Interesting. When I worked with the image I thought, "the sweater is  
a bit 'out of date'." Didn't think "distracting." Probably will from  
now on. Thanks ;~) These types of 'portraits' really are more  
"personal, social documents" for me.

> 4/18 is a gem with the bow and lantern colours and textures. There  
> look to be some odd softer areas at the base and above the
> lantern. Is this a DoF effect?

Quite so. Shallow DoF. Also seems that my 75 lux has changing focus  
problems on the M8 - more on that later. I'm puzzled and testing.  
Sometimes it seems to test dead on, and other times with back focus  
issues. Is this possible? Drifting?

Understood on the DoF. It was just that the effect appeared to be uneven, as 
some oval areas. It may have been that they are
physical depressions in the metal of the subject. The focus/back focus area 
is an interesting one. I missed quite a bit in my first
film through a 50 1.4 wide open or nearly so. I got out a focus chart and 
did some test shots and measurements. According to the
measurements and test shots, at 1m all of my lenses were in exact agreement. 
I'm not totally comfortable as yet. It could still be
that there is an error but it is only apparent in the shots with v shallow 
DoF. I'll be very interested in your conclusions as you
keep looking at this with your 75.
This does bring up the RF viewfinder limitation. Still I could never use DoF 
preview on SLRs. I wouldn't trade away the bright M
finder for any SLR on the planet, anyway.


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